Treasure 7×7

IWG developers are the world leaders in supplying us with innovative and creative online instant win games. They are just the masters of these games created to provide quick cash. Their Treasure 7×7 game is one of them and comes with an interesting and fun pirate theme where the aim is to get to the hidden pirate treasure hidden somewhere on the mysterious island. Finding a hidden treasure may be hard to do in real life, but here with this instant win game, it cannot be any easier. Visually, the game looks great with sharp graphics and fun design. The game grids are set on the sandy beach of an island where the hidden treasure with palm trees leaves framing the screen. Before each game round, you’ll hear the pirate growling ‘Arghhhh’ which is quite funny to hear every single time and suffice to say, fits the theme perfectly.

Treasure 7×7 Game Play and Basics

There’s not much to say about how the game functions as it cannot be any easier. You practically have to match the symbols in order to hit wins. There are 2 grids on the screen. The big one comes with the 7×7 layout so there are 49 spots where the symbols hide, while the other smaller panel has 12 tiles with question marks on them where the symbols are turned face down. On that second grid you get to pick 7 out of 12 tiles and reveal the symbols that need to match the symbols on the main big grid; if the symbols do match they will be highlighted. Just like in any other slot game, there are win lines on the main panel and this game comes with as much 16 ways to win. So in order to get a win you need to fill those win lines either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You can always select the Auto Play option and let the system randomly choose 7 symbols and speed up the game, while you just relax and wait for the treasure to come to the shore. The symbols that you need to reveal and match are all related to the theme. Since this is a pirate-inspired game, you can expect to see all kinds of pirate stuff such as Jolly Roger flag, pirate hats, gems, a spyglass, skulls, gold, and rudders.

All in all, the game is quite fun and easy to play. And we must say quite lucrative also as you can win up to £5000 which is the real pirate treasure. The betting options are diverse and fit all kinds of players. You can start the game from as little as £0.20 in which case the biggest prize is £1000, while with the max bet of 10 you can aim at the previously mentioned big award.

Enjoy the Fun Treasure 7×7 Game Across All Devices

Here at Slotszone casino, just like any other game Treasure 7×7 is available for play on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, as well as any kind of smartphones. Start the game easily and instantly on your internet browser and enjoy all the fun and easy wins of this game.