Spin Lotto

Gamevy is a relatively new game developer that has done a pretty good job so far in providing us with awesome games, especially instant win games. Spinlotto is one of their great creations and a mixture of two exciting types of games. So lottery games are always exciting when you wait for your numbers to pop up, but that’s it as there’s not much more to it. That’s why Gamevy came to a solution and spiced up the lottery game with slot features and created the thrilling Spinlotto game. This game is simple to play, exciting and most importantly, it’s extremely lucrative. With a bit of luck on your side, you can even win a jackpot of 10,000 times your stake!

How to Play Spinlotto and Win Big?

The first thing to do upon starting the game is choosing five of your lucky numbers. The numbers go from 1 to 49 and you can select them manually or just select the ‘quick pick’ option and let the game randomly choose the numbers for you. Also, you get to pick your lucky star number (1-15) which has the role to boost your wins and lead you to big wins. If you change your mind about your numbers you can always choose different numbers at any time. Finally, choose your stake, number of pay lines (1-10), and you’re ready to spin for your numbers on this 5-reeler.

The game is quite a simple one to play as all you need to do is to get at least two or more of your selected numbers on a pay line. Those can be combinations of same numbers or a mix of your numbers. Whatever the case, whenever there are two of your numbers on the reels, you win. Now, the lucky star number play a big role in the game. The winning combinations that include your lucky star number bring bigger prizes. So for example, two numbers and a star award x10 your stake, 3 numbers and a star award x50, and so on. The jackpot of 1000 times your stake is won when you get all 5 of your numbers on the reels and this counts even when you get repeated numbers. Should you get extremely lucky and land all five of your numbers along with the lucky star you’ll hit the jackpot of 10,000 times your stake!

To make your game even more exciting you can choose to play with Star Booster. This is an optional feature that will increase your stake but it will also boost your wins when you land your lucky star on the winning line. You can choose 10x multiplier which will increase your stake by 3x or a 20x multiplier which increases the stake by 5x. This additional wager is a great option for those with bigger budgets who like to take bigger risks as those risks can definitely pay out quite big.

Enjoy Spinlotto by Gamevy on Your Smartphone

Spinlotto is a fresh and exciting take on the two games that can make your budget explode if you manage to land the right numbers on the reels. If you like the lottery and good old spinning, then check this game out here at Slotszone casino. You can access the game with just a few click or taps as the game is available for instant play. The players can enjoy the game wherever they are as the game is compatible with all devices (desktops, tablets or smartphones).