Mega Action Bingo

Mega Ball Action is a bingo game developed by Spin Games developers. It is a part of a family of four versions of the game and this one is the first one to be released. If you like playing Bingo then you should definitely check this game out as it offers a lot more action that all the standard bingo games. This Bingo game also provides you with the chance to enhance your winning chances when you are close to hitting the winning combo. With the fast pace and as much as 4 play cards, Mega Ball Action makes for a great game luck-based game. The game is compatible with all devices. So the players can play it on desktop, laptop, tablet, or any kind of smartphones (Android or iPhone). Just like any other game here at Slotszone online casino, Mega Ball Action is available for instant play without the need for any app downloads.

Mega Ball Action Rules and Features

The aim of the game is quite simple as you need to make as many winning combos on your cards. Now, this bingo version is played with more than one card. Here you get to play with as much as 4 bingo cards. If you’ve ever played bingo, you’ll know how the game functions. Namely, 60 numbers are randomly drawn from the pool of numbers from 1 to 90. When playing in those big old bingo halls, the announcer will shout out the drawn numbers and you’ll be checking your card for those numbers. But here, everything’s pace up so the drawn numbers are automatically matched with all 4 cards of yours. Considering the fact that there is not only one card your winning chances are quite bigger than in standard bingo versions.

Anyhow, in order to make a win, you need to match the winning combo on a card in accordance with the pay table. The game also provides a help option. Namely, when you are a few numbers close to hitting a win, you can buy 10 more balls and try to secure your win. All in all, this game is a fun one to play while at the same time can be a fast way to boost up your balance a bit. Anyway, it’s a great fast-paced variation of the classic Bingo game that many of the players may find enjoyable to play.