Mayan Legends

Inspired by Mayan civilization, IWG providers have brought us yet another fun instant game win with few classic slot features called Mayan Legends. If you are familiar with instant win games then you know that they come with pretty simple rules and quick cash. They are also fast-paced games where you don’t get to waste much time contemplating your strategies, learning the gameplay, etc. These games are all about fun and instant awards. This said, Mayan Legends is that kind of a game that offers pretty straightforward rules with interesting gameplay and quite great rewards, also. Inspired by the ancient Mayan civilization it comes with symbols represented by Mayan masks that were used for many different reasons. They represented Mayan gods, were used for many rituals and ceremonies and were made of precious stones which shows how much value these masks actually had. And in this game, these different-colored masks do represent the most valuable things as by collecting them you’ll end up winning cash prizes.

Roll the Dice and Collect Masks to Win Cash Prizes

When you start the game you’ll enter the Mayan world with the stone game board set on the ancient temple representing the greatest marvels of this extraordinary civilization. The game board is actually a 6×6 grid similar to the one with slots where all the mask symbols are. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see different color bars each marked with a certain cash amount with the crystal prize bar right at the bottom of the screen. The main aim of the game is to fill those bars and win the corresponding prize. As with any game, the prizes depend on the size of your bet. And here, you can stake as little as £0.50 up to the max of £10 per game round. The gameplay is actually quite easy and fun at the same time. You don’t get to spin the reels, but you will roll two dice 5 times per game round. The numbers on the dice are actually coordinates for the masks in the game board. You get to collect whatever mask is at the coordinates that you got and all the adjacent same-colored ones too. Try to get as many same-colored masks to fill in the corresponding bars and win the indicated cash prize. Just like in slots, there’s a special symbol, the glowing crystal masks that will fill in the special crystal bar with special cash awards. Another way to win is to hit the instant cash symbols in the grid and win that prize right away. Just to indicate how lucrative this game can be let’s say that you play with the max bet and you get to fill the whole blue bar. This scenario will award you with as much as £100,000 prize! But even when playing with the £0.50 bet you can win up to £5,000 which is pretty good as well.

Enjoy Mayan Legends Online on Your Smartphone

Just like any other game here at Slotszone casino, you can play Mayan Legends across any device (desktop, tablet, or any kind of smartphones such as Android or iPhone). There’s no need to download anything, just launch the game and enjoy. All in all, Mayan Legends is a great instant win game that comes with a bit different gameplay resembling the one of slots which makes it quite distinguishing. With the dice rolling and coordinates of the Mayan masks in the grid is just exciting to play, especially when there are quite big prizes to be won.