Mayan Bonus

Over the years IWG providers have developed many online games and are especially popular thanks to their instant win online games. They keep surprising us with awesome and creative products in this category with various themes and designs. Instant win games are the easiest one to play as they involve no decision-making, there’s no time wasting; all you’ll get from these games are fun and quick cash. This all said, IWG’s portfolio of instant win games is probably the biggest and best one to search for these kinds of games. One of their thriving specialty games is Mayan Bonus which, just like the name suggests, is inspired by the ancient Mayan civilization who left magnificent temples, extraordinary knowledge, and big treasures behind them. So there’s no wonder why this civilization is a big inspiration for game developers. Mayan Bonus comes with great design and graphics making this game quite enjoyable to play. And we must say it is also quite lucrative as with only £2 stake you can win up to £20,000 award with almost no effort as your job is to simply click on symbols and reveal prizes.

Mayan Bonus Game Rules and Bonus Feature

When you start the game you’ll enter a dark stone chamber of presumably a temple where all the action happens. You’ll see a game ring on the center of the screen with 9 different-colored Mayan masks. Your task is to reveal whatever cash prize is underneath them and match 3 same ones in order to win. Speaking of prizes, they all depend on how much you stake so with bigger bets come bigger prizes. You can easily set tour bet in the betting panel on the right-hand side of the screen. Aside from cash prizes, there are also golden balls hiding underneath the masks which are actually the key to the Bonus feature. The golden balls fill the Golden Bonus slots in the middle of the game board, and all nine f them will activate the Bonus Game with a guaranteed win. The Bonus Game is quite simple as all you get to do is watch the wheel spin. The wheel is full with various cash awards so there is no chance of leaving the Bonus round without some cash award. If you want to pace up the game you don’t need to crash each mask at the time as there is the ‘Reveal All’ button which will destroy all Mayan masks at once. That’s pretty much it, it cannot be any simpler which is great as you get a fun, exciting, fast-paced game with handsome easy-won awards.

Play Mayan Bonus Online on Any Device

Mayan Bonus is available for play across all devices. So you can enjoy this game at home on your desktop, laptop, or if you like to kill time with this fun game while on the go, you can do so on your tablet or any kind of smartphone. Without the need for any app installations, the game is available for instant play. If you like these kinds of games you can always check out some other such as Quick Fire Cash inspired by the Western world or if you like matching letters check out IWG’s Crossword Cash.