Live Roulette

Live Roulette has taken its place among the most played live casino games. And this is not a surprise since roulette has been around in casino for so long and it became the most loved game in the casinos. Well, the thrill of watching the ball spins in circles on the wheel and waiting for your color or number to appear is one of the reasons why this game is a favorite. Live Roulette is a game that comes with live dealers that create the realistic atmosphere so that you can actually transfer the environment of a real land-based casino in the comfort of your own home. Or, if you play on your smartphones you can always take the casino with you wherever you go. The dealers are trained professionals who can even chat with you and are there to spin the ball, announce the wins, and just guide you through the game while creating a friendly atmosphere just like in a real casino.

Live Roulette Game Play

The drill is probably familiar to everyone: the players place their bets, the dealer spins the ball on the rim of the wheel waiting for it to land on one of the wheel pockets. The pocket decides the outcome which the dealer then announces. Apart from the wheel, the important part for the players is the layout with the bet chart on the table. This is where you place your chips and there are plenty of options. You can place inside bets that include the numbered boxes and lines between them, meaning that you can bet on several numbers at the same time. The outside bets include the boxes below the individual numbers on the table. The outside bets include betting on black or red, on a particular group of numbers, odds and evens, etc. It may seem a bit complicated for the beginners as there are many bets to make and choose from, but all you need is a bit of practice.

All in all, Live Roulette is an exciting game to play and due to the live streaming from a studio with live dealers, the game is even more thrilling to play as the feeling of being in a real casino comes to life. Make the best of your roulette experience and try out Live Roulette here at Slotszone casino. All you need is the internet connection and the internet browser as no software installation is needed.