Fast Bust Lucky

Easiest cash is always the best, isn’t that right? And with instant win online games, this is exactly what you get. The biggest leaders in creating this sorts of games are IWG providers. They keep coming up with interesting and creative instant win games and are just in the top of the specialty games field. Their games hit huge popularity almost instantly and Fast Buck Lucky is just one of them. This game comes with the theme of luck so you’ll encounter symbols such as horseshoes, pots of gold, rainbows, golden coins, just everything related to luck and riches. And since the game is all about quick money this is all that you need. This instant win game comes with 3 mini-games and up to £200,000 winning potential! All you need to do to try and get that amazing prize is to reveal and match the symbols, as simple as that. It’s all about fun, luck, simplicity, and quick cash.

Fast Bust Lucky Game Features and Big Prizes

This game is quite simple to play as there’s only one rule: to reveal and match symbols. You don’t need any strategies like in other games as all you actually need is a bit of luck and that’s it. When you start the game you’ll see the big brown screen with three main panels each representing one separate mini-game that you get to play all at once on a single bet. Speaking of bets, you can easily adjust your bet size from a minimum of £0.50 up to the max of £20 by simply clicking on (-) or (+) sign. With the bigger bets come bigger awards, as in any game. So for example, with the minimum bet, the biggest award is £5,000, with only £2 wager you can win up to £20,000 while the biggest £200,000 prize comes with the highest bet. Once you’ve selected your bet, all you need to do is reveal symbols in all three games:

Game 1: you need to reveal the Rainbow symbol underneath the horseshoes in order to win the corresponding prize.

Game 2: click on the pots of gold, reveal at least 3 matching prizes and earn the indicated award.

Game 3: click on the golden coins and reveal symbols. To earn the indicated prize you need to match 2 same symbols in the same row.

You can play the games either by clicking on each symbol at the time or just simply clicking on the ‘Reveal All’ button and speed up the game to quickly see if you were lucky and won any of the prizes. There is also the AutoPlay option if you want to get the symbols to reveal automatically while you just wait for the prizes to appear in your balance.

Play Fast Bust Lucky on Any Device

You can enjoy this fun game on all devices (desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile devices) at any time. All you need to do is launch the game here at Slotszone casino and start revealing and matching those lucky symbols. In all, Fast Bust Lucky is a great, fun and simple game that you can play when you want to kill some time while at the same time you try to reach those hefty prizes that are on offer here.