Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette is a unique game offering double action and excitement. Evolution Gaming people were the first to introduce this kind of roulette variant into the online world of gambling. And thanks to them, now we have an amazing roulette that provides fast game and doubled chances for winning. Double Ball Roulette is a live game featuring high video quality and multiple cameras creating exceptional visuals which are always the case with Evolution’s casino games. As the name suggests, this roulette variant is played with two balls instead of one and with this feature the chances for winning inside bets are doubled, while the chances for outside bets are decreased. But this doesn’t mean the players should not place outside bets, especially with the fact that outside bets, naturally, carry the biggest payouts.

Double Ball Roulette Live Game Play and Payouts

Double Ball Roulette is based on the classic European Roulette, so the rules remained the same, except for a few changes in bets and winnings because of the second ball. Mainly, the dealer controls the balls and the wheel as always is the case. But now, there is the special mechanism on the wheel in which the dealer puts the two balls. After pressing the button of the mechanism, it shoots the ball right on the wheel. It’s exciting to watch the balls shooting out of the tube and waiting for them to land on the desired pockets. And this is where the fin and the thrills begin: the bets. Firstly, there is a wide range of betting limits so this game is convenient for players with different budgets and different betting affinities. Bets-wise, there is a difference in winning potential and chances between inside and outside bets. As for the inside bets, the chances for winning are doubled because at least one ball must land on the wanted number for the player to win. The payouts are solid but much smaller than the outside bet payouts. But then again, the bigger the payouts the bigger the risk. But this is what gambling is all about, right? Now, if you want to take your chances and try to win the amazing 1300 to 1 payout, then both of the balls need to land on the single number you bet on. This kind of payout cannot be found at other roulette tables. The chances are not big, to be honest, but still this only increases the excitement and suspense, which makes the game worth playing. Anyway, two balls greatly increase your winning chances on inside bets which is enough to keep you going and boosting your budget, while in the meantime maybe you hit that 1300 to 1 jackpot.