Dolphin’s Roulette

Dolphin’s Roulette is an excellent and unique casino game that offers great entertainment and some extra features. Created by Extreme Live Gaming, it goes under the category of live casino games so what you get is a real casino experience. Thanks to the high-quality camera, the visual representation of the game is amazing. But if your device does not support high-quality videos you can always set the video quality as it suits your device and enjoy the game all the same. Being a live game, Dolphin’s Roulette is hosted by a dealer who’s there to manage the wheel and chat with the players.

But what is special about this roulette game is that it is a combination of roulette and slot. It comes with a 1 reel slot as a side bet where you can win up to 80 times your total bet. This game is actually based on a video slot Dolphin’s Pearl with a fun underwater theme. When you start Dolphin’s Roulette, you will immediately be transported under the sea thanks to the theme-related visuals and design. The looks of the game and slot side bet are what makes this roulette more exciting and unique.

Dolphin’s Roulette Game Play and Rules

As for the rules, Dolphin’s Roulette is based on the standard single zero European roulette, meaning that there is a lower house edge of 2.7%. The players can place standard outside and inside bets and all payouts can be checked in the menu where you can also check all the rules if you are a roulette beginner. There are also statistics grids in the game which can help you out with your strategy and betting decisions and moves. But what is special about this roulette game is the special slot side bet. This slot side bet is an optional bet that is placed separately from your main bet at the roulette table. You can choose whether to include the slot in your game or not. But since you can win up to 80 times your bet, it’s advisable to include this side bet in your game. One-reel sea-themed slot consists of 7 symbols all related to the theme and each comes with different payout value. The winning outcome of the slot doesn’t affect your outcome on the roulette wheel. So even if you don’t win at the wheel you can still win at the slot side bet. The dolphin symbol is the main and highest paying symbol, of course, which can award you 80 times your total bet.

Play Dolphin’s Roulette on Your Tablet or Desktop

The players can enjoy this themed roulette on any device including desktops, tablets, laptops, as well as any kind of smartphones. Wherever you are you can enter the fun underwater world of roulette and slot. Dolphin’s Roulette is just a great game that is perfect for those who like slots and roulette as now they can enjoy the thrill of both at the same time.