Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal by Gamevy providers goes under the category of instant win online games such as popular scratch cards. But this is not a regular scratch card game since there is no card to scratch. Instead of that, Diamond Deal comes with a big grid where you get to pick out of 50 sections in total where the goal is to reveal diamonds in order to win. It is actually quite a simple but very fun game especially since there is the jackpot of 1 million to be won! As there are diamonds involved the whole design is kind of flashy and sparkly but in a good way. You won’t be distracted by too many shiny details as everything is well put together. When you launch the game you’ll get the feeling as if you were in a TV studio participating in a quiz of sorts where you can actually win some fine and easy money. We say easy as this game cannot be any simpler. Just pick sections and see whether there’s a shiny diamond hiding there.

Bets, Payouts, and Basics of Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal game board is a 5×10 grid with 50 sections or squares where 10 diamonds hide. Before the game starts you get to set your bet that goes from a minimum of £0.50 up to the maximum £100 bet. And of course, with the bigger bets come bigger awards. For example, the minimum bet comes with the highest win of £4,910, while with the £2 bet you can win up to £19,600 and you already know what you can win with the max bet. Since we are talking about rewards, there’s some math involved in calculating your possible awards during the game. When you start the game you initially start with 4 lives. If you don’t reveal a single diamond after your fourth try, then the game is over. But with each diamond revealed your lives are reset to 4. Back to the math. The payout value of a diamond depends on your progress in the game, that is, on how many empty boxes or section have you opened before finding a diamond and how many diamonds have you found in a row. There is a formula for this that you can check out in the Rules section if you like math. If not, you don’t have to confuse yourself with any formulas calculating anything as the game does that for you. With each diamond revealed the won amount will be shown on the screen. Keep in mind that the biggest amounts and jackpots are possible if all diamonds are revealed in a row. But even if you don’t get that lucky, each revealed diamond will bring you nice prizes. All in all, all you need to do is just pick and find out whether there’s a gem hiding there.

Play Diamond Deal on Your Smartphone

The players can enjoy this game on all devices including any kinds of smartphones. So you can easily kill your time and at the same time win some cash wherever you are with this game. There is no need to download any kind of app or software, just launch the game directly on your internet browser here at Slotszone casino and hunt some valuable diamonds.