Crossword Cash

Are you a fan of crossword puzzles? If you are, then Crossword Cash is the perfect game for you. Developed by IWG game providers, this game offers the great classic fun of forming words out of letters followed by cash rewards. And what can be better than playing a game you love while at the same time being rewarded for it? Crossword Cash is an instant win online game and it comes with great graphics and simple and neat layout set on a green background. Everything is well put together so you can easily maneuver through the game especially when the rules cannot be any simpler (if we can even call them ‘rules’).

Set Your Bets and Match the Letters

The aim of the game is to match the 18 letters with the letters in the main crossword grid and form as many words as possible. The main grid with the offered words is in the middle, while on the left-hand side of the screen there is a grid with your set of 18 letters that need to be matched in the crossword. You can select a letter by letter or you can speed up the game and easily reveal all 18 letters at once and see how many words you have in the crossword. If you want to make it more suspense then just take it slow and click on each letter at the time and slowly reveal the results. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the table with prizes for a particular number of words. To get the award you need to match at least 3 words up to a maximum of 10 words. And naturally, the awards are bigger with more completed words in the crossword grid. The payout table allows you to easily keep track of potential awards which all depend on your stake. The bigger the wager, the bigger the awards. Before any game round, you can easily select or change your bet value by simply clicking on the ‘Set Bet’ button above the grid. With the stake of £0.50, the award for 10 words is £3000, while for example if you stake £2 the maximum 10 words in the crossword will award the amazing £12,000. So playing the crossword puzzle can actually be a quite lucrative hobby.

Play Crossword Cash Online Across All Devices

If you like spending your free time matching letters and words, then think no more and check this IWG’s instant win game and grab some top prizes for your skills. You can do this on any device including laptop, desktop, tablet, and any kind of smartphones. Crossword Cash is a simple and relaxing game where you get to play with letters and words, which at the same time can be quite lucrative if you manage to complete the whole crossword.