Cash Buster

Cash Buster is a fun instant win game that has hit big popularity among players. It is developed by IWG providers who keep giving us amazing games from this category. Their 10-year experience says it all. Anyhow, Cash Buster comes with an interesting gameplay that will keep you engaged in the game for hours as you get to destroy blocks so you’ll get the feeling of playing the popular Tetris game. Also, Cash Buster is a quite lucrative game with many different cash prizes to be won and the highest award you can reach is £75,000! And that’s exactly what these instant win online games offer. They provide fun, easy gameplay, and most importantly attractive prizes.

What is Cash Buster All About?

The main aim of Cash Buster is to destroy the blocks by rolling the dice in order to fill the bars with the corresponding color and win the indicated award. As simple as that. And apart from being simple, it’s actually very fun to play this game thanks to the interesting puzzle feel to it. Namely, there are two parts of the screen. On the left-hand side, you’ll see the dice and 6 bars that carry different cash awards. Each bar represents a different color of the bricks from the brick panel or the Cash Buster Zone on the right-hand side of the screen. The brick panel quite closely resembles the one of Tetris which is why this whole game is quite fun to play. You get to roll the dice 8 times per round and the color on the dice determines which blocks are going to be destroyed in the last row of the Cash Buster Zone along with all same-colored adjacent blocks. To make it more interesting the blocks are destroyed by the laser gun. Fun stuff. Apart from the regular blocks of different colors, there are also some special blocks that will award certain cash prizes if destroyed or even award an extra dice roll. But still, the main prizes are won when you fill up the colored prize meters. And the awards depend on your stake where of course they get bigger with more cash staked. The minimum bet is £0.50 while the max is £5 which will open up the chance for the generous £75,000 award if you manage to collect all 13 blue blocks.

Enjoy Cash Buster on Your Mobile Device

The players can play this fun instant win game whenever and wherever they are it’s available for all devices. Whether you play on the go or at home you can enjoy the game on your smartphones, tablets, desktops, or laptops. All you need to do to get started is to launch the game and that’s all. Cash Buster seems to be one of the player’s favorite and we can tell why. It is a fun game with a puzzle feel to it that can definitely keep you engaged for longer. And most of all, there are quite hefty awards to be won so this quick cash game is quite worth checking out.