Blackjack Suit em up

Blackjack Suit ‘em Up is a blackjack version based on the traditional blackjack with an extra feature consisting of the additional side bet. This version is created by Felt Gaming, the providers that are surely becoming one of the most famous in the world of online table casino games providers. The additional side bet offers quite handsome payouts that goes up to 50 to 1. This version of blackjack is played with 6 decks, traditional blackjack rules, and up to 3 hands at a time. There are no additional rules to follow or learn, except for the optional extra side bet that is there to spice the game up.

As you enter the game, you will notice the neat and clear design, characteristic for games created by Felt Gaming folks. Everything is laid out there on for you on the blue background. The Suit ‘em Up side bet has 4 different payouts depending on the combination of your 2 initial cards. And those odds are neatly shown on the blue screen. The betting part is quite simple. On the bottom of the screen, you will see different chip values from £0.10 up to £1,000. Just choose your chips and place them on the betting space. The initial bet always goes first, after which you can place your wager on the Suit ‘em Up side bet. Once you’ve finished placing your wagers, just tap or click the ‘deal’ button and the cards will be dealt automatically.

Win up to 50 to 1 with Suit ‘em Up Side Bet

The main gem of this version of blackjack is its side bet that consists of your two initial cards being of the same suit. Now, there are 5 different combinations of this side bet and each carries a different payout value. Suited Other is won when 2 cards have the same suit but different values and it is the lowest paying combination with 2 to 1. To win Suited Eleven your two same-suited cards need to have a total of 11 and that pays 3 to 1. Suited Pairs pays 5 to 1 and it is a combination of two cards in the same suit and value. If you win a blackjack with cards in the same suit then your win is 10 to 1. Finally, the most lucrative combination is 2 Aces with the same suit, and that treat is called Suited Aces that will bring you the payout of 50 to 1!

You should take into consideration that the house edge increases when you play with the side bet included. It is an optional bet that can level up the fun and suspense of the game, but you should probably not turn it into your main bet. So be careful with your wagers, play clever, and make the most of this blackjack version packed with ‘suited wins