Blackjack 6 in 1

With the focus mostly on table casino games, Felt Gaming people bring us some great innovations in the world of online gambling. Speaking of great innovations, Blackjack 6 in 1 is one of their most popular casino games, and this is no wonder since it’s a blackjack version that comes with 6 different side bets. The overall rules of the game follow the standard blackjack rules with the main goal being to beat the dealer without exceeding 21. The goal is always the same and we all know that pretty well. But here, there’s more to the game as there are additional features, that is, 6 different side bets which can help you make the most of the game.

Blackjack 6 in 1 Rules and Features

Blackjack 6 in 1 is played with 6 decks of 52 cards and you can play up to 3 hands at the same time with additional bets on one, two or all of them. You can calculate your way through the game with a minimum bet of £0.10, while the maximum bet is £50. As already mentioned, this blackjack version is all about its side bets. There are 6 of them and they include Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Lucky Ladies, Lucky Lucky, Suit’em Up, and Buster Blackjack. Once you start the game, you’ll see that it is quite easy to maneuver the gameplay. There are 3 hands that you can place bets on surrounded by 6 side bets. Simply, select the value of the chips and drag them to the desired bets. Blackjack fans will probably be familiar with some of the side bets, if not all of them. But let’s quickly see what each of them stands for.

The Perfect Pairs bet is won when your 2 dealt cards make a pair. The payout depends on rank, suit, or color of the cards. In this sense, you can get a Perfect Pair which is when you have 2 identical cards, Colored Pair with the cards having the same value and color, and finally the Mixed Pair when your cards have matching value and different suits. The Perfect Pair pays the most with 25:1. The 21+3 bet includes a 3-card poker hand made of your 2 dealt cards and the dealer’s face-up card. The biggest payout is 100:1 with a combination of 3 identical cards. To win a Lucky Lady bet your two initial cards need to include at least one queen or a total of 20. There are different variations to this bet also and each pays differently.

Suit’em Up side bet speaks for itself. To win this bet your 2 cards need to be of the same suit. The outcome where your two initial cards in the combination with the dealer’s face up card make up the total of 19, 20, or 21 wins you the Lucky Lucky side bet. If you get lucky and get 3 same suited sevens, that pays 200 to 1. Finally, the last side bet is the most lucrative one and it includes the dealer going bust. Highest the number of cards in the dealer’s hand, bigger the payout. So, with 8 cards and more, the payout is as big as 2000 to 1. Basically, the payout value for this side bet depends on the number of cards in the dealer’s hand.

Enjoy Only the Best Table Casino Games

Blackjack 6 in 1 is truly a great version of blackjack, bringing us only the best features. The side bets that it offers are a chance for winning big and having a lot of fun while anticipating those combinations. Here at Slotszone casino, you can enjoy this Felt’s marvel on all devices. And if you are a fun of table casino games, you can always try out some other creations such as the popular Live Roulette or Blackjack Grand VIP that offer high bet limits for serious players.