Big Foot Scratch

NextGen developers brought us a fun and simple scratch card game based on their popular Big Foot slot game. Inspired by a mythical creature that we are not sure whether it exists or not, the scratch card comes with a silly cartoon-style design with all the same symbols from the slot version of the game. And just like you would spin the reels to find the Big Foot and win big, you get the same goal here: to find and reveal 3 matching Big Foot symbols and win as much as 1000 times your stake!

Big Foot Scratch Game Play and Pay Outs

Scratch card games usually consist of one grid where you get to reveal and match symbols. But Big Foot Scratch is a bit different as it comes not with one but as much as four 3×3 grids. So with this scratch card, you get a bit more and better winning chances than with other games. Especially considering the fact that you can win multiple awards per game round as well as per grid. The only rule is to reveal 3 matching symbols and win the corresponding prize. You can see all the symbols and their payout values in the center of the screen. The symbols are the same ones that appear in the slot such as the owl, the hunter which awards 50x your stake, a footprint with the award of 100x, or the most valuable symbol of all, the Big Foot itself that awards the amazing 1000x times your stake!

The gameplay is very simple. All you need to do is set your bet value using the scroll bar with the betting values ranging from £0.20 up to £200 per game round. This means that there is the chance of winning the maximum of £200,000 which does seem a bit hard and almost impossible, but still, the possibility is there. After your bet is set, just press the ‘play’ button and scratch the grids. To pace up the game you can choose to reveal all symbols on all grids all at once and right away take a look at what you’ve won.

Play Big Foot Scratch On Your Smartphone

The players can enjoy this simple and fun game across all devices (desktop, tablet, or any kind of smartphone). Here at Slotszone casino, you can access the game instantly and start searching for the Big Foot right away. If you are a fan of scratch card games as well as cartoon-style games, then you should check Big Foot out. And with great awards and bigger winning chances thanks to the 4 grid layout, this game can offer more than just fun and silly looks.